Aol mail down- Tips & tricks to fix the issue

Aol mailing service has been the choice of many people residing in Australia because of many reasons. Besides this, being a program, sometimes it may start to display errors that you have never heard of. These error messages and problems may come in various forms making the users annoyed. Several users have complained about encountering an error message saying “Aol mail down”. At times, it could be a login issue, or sometimes the problem could be related to the server issues. If you are one of the users who are facing issues while accessing Aol email services, then this troubleshooting guide will help you to get rid of the issue in no time.

Aol mail down

Is Aol mail down?

To know whether Aol mail is down or not, you have to use its application or the browser version of the emailing platform, and then try to access it by logging in to your account. In case you can log in successfully, then there is no problem with the Aol mail. If problems are signing in, then surely is Aol email down.

Aol mail problems today 2020

This is the list of most common problems that Aol mail users may encounter in the coming months of the year 2020. These problems have been faced by the users in the past years also but can be fixed by following certain troubleshooting steps.

  • There might be problems while reading and composing the mails.
  • Issues in receiving the mails.
  • Problems while downloading and viewing the attachments.
  • Unable to block emails and spam emails.
  • You are not able to upgrade Aol clients.

Why is Aol mail down?

The root cause behind the occurrence of an error message, “Aol mail down” can be the problem with the DNS server. For this, you need to check the DNS server details and see if it is responding or not. If it does not respond, change it manually to and and then restart your computer. The firewall can also be the cause of the problem if you can’t access the mail on any third party application. In this situation, you should disable it as well as the proxy server. You may also try to update the mail application. An outdated version of the application may restrict you to access the mailing services.

Aol mail not currently available- what should I do?

If you are coming across this kind of error message, then you should wait for a couple of minutes and try to log in once again.

Is Aol mail shutting down?

There was a time when it was announced that Aol email will be made unavailable to the users but this is not the case now. Users can still access mailing services provided by Aol.

Some useful troubleshooting steps

  • Verify that you are using correct login credentials at
  • You may try to reset your password in case you are facing login issues.
  • You should delete the browser cache and its history and then try again later.
  • One may also try to access Aol mail on an incognito window.

If you are still unable to access your Aol mail account, then you may get in touch with the experts so that you can fix issues with it instantly.

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