Just Words AOL- A Gaming guide for beginners

Are you one of those who love to play Scrabble? Well, there is just the right game for all the users who want to play scrabble online. AOL just words designed and curated by Masque Publishing. It’s a word game for one or more than one player where you can score points by making new words using the single lettered tiles on the board. So, here we have a classic Scrabble but with a twist to explain.

Just Words AOL

You can play just words online, against yourself, against the computer or against someone else and once you score those huge points you can try to get on the top of the global leader board. Isn’t it a good idea to understand the basics of such games which helps in increasing your vocabulary with gaming fun? So, without any delay, let’s get started with some of the essentials to play Just Words Online

Just words AOL- Tips and tricks

It’s all about the battle of wits when it comes to playing AOL games just words as the game places you in a wordsmith battle royal against another opponent on the online platform. Instead of roaming around the perfect seven letter word that falls in the dictionary, here are some basic tips and tricks that you can follow to win the game:-

  • Better to know your Power Tiles: In total there are 10 tiles that are placed individually from the rest. These are the power tiles that you need to cherish when they are present in your word bar. Just words AOL have 4S, J, Q, X, Z and two blank tiles as the power tiles. The moment you play J or Q you will get the 10 points and if you use X then you straightaway get the 8 points. Try to avoid using the blank tiles in the spaces for double or triple lettered words. The 4 S can be used for a plural word. You can also play words perpendicular to these plural words and can earn more points.
  • Let it go! : Do not use your valuable tile for low score, you can just pass on your turn and let it go. Using valuable tiles such as S just for scoring will be a foolish mistake in AOL just words game. You can use it later to triple your score by adding an S to the opponent’s word.
  • Swapping tiles: A smart move: In the Play Just Words Online you need to be in a constant proactive mode. Watching for those tiles with a little value will not help you to win the game. If you are stuck between the multiples of the same letter then you can use swapping tiles option.
  • Word size doesn’t count: In just words AOL game, the players usually try for that seven-letter word that will down their opponent’s score. There are many two-letter words that can be interchanged easily, By creating the new words and then linking then will the current ones can fetch you with the high score.
  • Keep location in mind: In AOL games for Just Words you need to be aware of the triple-word score, the double-word, and the double-letter score and triple-letter score. You just need to concentrate on occupying the score spaces even though you may not score the substantial points.


Just words AOL is a great game to test your mental activeness and capacity to make strategies. You can always take tips and tricks to your consideration and defeat your opponent. If you have any confusion related to the tips in this article then it is recommended to visit the sign in the AOL webpage through its official website from here you can get in touch with the customer support executives to assist you.

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